Complete control of your home from your smartphone

You may never own anything more valuable or important than your home. It houses all the other valuables you've accumulated. Even more importantly, it houses your loved ones. Why not keep it as safe as possible?

Technology is amazing. You now have the ability to detect burglars, environmental anomalies (fire, water & gas leaks, extreme temperature fluctuations), and automatically control your lighting, thermostats, and door locks all with one, integrated system. You can do it all from the palm of your hand, and for a monthly rate less than your cable bill. Probably much less.

You've never had more power at your disposal than you do right now. It's time to get your finger on the pulse of your home.

Call me today for your own, no strings attached, in-home analysis.

Eric Skramsted
Security Consultant / Outside Sales
Kenco Security & Technology

Location: Montana -
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